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DiLumen consists of a soft flexible sheath that fits over standard colonoscopes. The device employs two balloons: one behind the bending section of the colonoscope and the second in front of the tip of the colonoscope. When both balloons are deployed and inflated, the area between them is stabilized. This Therapeutic Zone (TZ) facilitates stabilization, insufflation, and manipulation of the tissue, thus allowing the clinician to more effectively treat the target area. Once the therapy is completed, the balloons are simply deflated and removed along with the colonoscope.

A vision for the future:

The ability to effectively lift and retract tissue to aid in dissection has been a major challenge in endolumenal therapy. Lumendi will introduce specialized articulating instruments that will increase the number of tools that can be used simultaneously to stabilize, lift and cut tissue.

Endolumenal therapeutic procedures can be long and tedious, requiring intense concentration and minute tissue manipulation. With the clinician’s comfort in mind, Lumendi plans to introduce a workstation that will hold instrumentation in place and even allow for a seated procedure. This workstation will allow the clinician to use more instrumentation and perform more maneuvers while reducing the need to exchange instruments, saving time and frustration.

Currently, Lumendi is focused on colonoscopic therapeutic procedures, but additional devices and technological solutions to enable intraluminal interventions in the esophagus, rectum and small bowel are underway. These devices should improve access to diseased tissue within the entire gastrointestinal tract, allowing a dramatic increase in clinicians performing less invasive therapies on a wider population of patients.

This transformation is needed because of an aging population, the growing incidence of digestive disease, and spiraling healthcare costs.