The freedom of control.

The DiLumen C2 Endoluminal Interventional Platform (EIP) provides a new level of control for even the most challenging endosurgical procedures—and a higher level of confidence for colorectal surgeons.



Everything you need for complex polypectomies, right in your hands.

With its two working channels and instruments, DiLumen C² is designed to improve stability and triangulation, making it especially valuable for resecting larger polyps along the entire length of the colon with fewer instrument exchanges.


DiLumen C² fits over standard and small-diameter endoscopes and uses two balloons to create a stabilized area within the GI tract, improving control and triangulation in the rectum and colon.

Tissue Manipulation

The DiLumen Ig grasper can clamp, release, and reposition tissue, providing the kind of flexibility and control needed to achieve precise dissection and more complete resection of polyps.

Tissue Dissection

The DiLumen Is scissor and DiLumen Ik knife place the most useful tools in your surgical suite directly where you need them, for faster procedures and reduced risk of tissue damage.

Stability and Triangulation

Improved tissue retraction and continuous tension

  • Better visualization
  • Lower perforation risk
  • Shorter procedure time
  • More complete resection

Controlled tissue

  • Faster electrocautery and mechanical cutting
  • Improved visualization to manage bleeding
  • Fewer instrument exchanges
  • More precise dissection

More options for challenging procedures

DiLumen C² in action