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A Stable Future

Innovation is the Name of the Game

The central idea behind the development and the delivery of the DiLumen device is to provide endoscopic stability such that it becomes a possibility for clinicians to avoid certain GI surgeries. “The DiLumen device transitions the procedure from the operating room into the endo-lab where it can be performed by an advanced endoscopist,” mentions Coolidge. “We have also developed enhancements to the DiLumen, such as attaching suture loops to the fore balloon assembly that can then be attached to the polyp via homeostasis clips. The fore balloon assembly can then be pushed forward to lift the edge of the polyp and provide greater access during dissection.”

The main reason behind the relentless success that Lumendi has achieved since its inception in December 2014 is that the company is backed by years of experience and expertise in the GI therapy arena. Further, Lumendi also holds a worldwide exclusive license to certain intellectual property developed by Minimally Invasive New Technologies (MINT), a joint program of the Weill Cornell Medical College and the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

In addition, the company partners with leaders in healthcare to understand their needs and that of their patients, and works to develop new solutions that will improve their lives, and moving forward builds on the same vision. “We recently received our CE mark, which allows us to market the DiLumen EIP in the EU, and have also started performing procedures there,” informs Coolidge. “We have representatives in several of the largest EU countries and will soon add Germany and Spain, which will put us in a stronger position in 2019 to conquer the global turf.”

The DiLumen device transitions the procedure from the surgical suite into the endo-lab where it can be performed by advanced endoscopists