Our Vision

Lumendi is dedicated to improving healthcare through the development and application of enabling medical technology that reduces the level of patient intervention and procedure time; increases recovery rates and outcomes; and decreases costs to the healthcare system. This new concept in patient intervention will enable clinicians to perform existing procedures more efficiently and usher in a new era of less invasive procedures that previously could only be done through abdominal surgery.

Company Profile

Lumendi founded in December 2014 holds a worldwide exclusive license to certain intellectual property developed by Minimally Invasive New Technologies (MINT), a joint program of Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital. In collaboration with MINT and other partners, Lumendi has developed devices that enable less invasive endoluminal surgical procedures in the GI tract, primarily in the colon. These devices have the potential to replace many invasive laparoscopic and open surgical procedures currently performed in the hospital setting such as removal of complex/difficult polyps and could also facilitate removal of large polyps in the outpatient setting. In addition, it will enable the development of new minimally invasive interventions to treat a variety of additional GI disorders that today require invasive surgery.