Lumendi Ltd. develops, markets, and distributes surgical tools and devices that provide safe, cost-effective solutions for minimally invasive endoluminal interventions at DiLumen and Lumendi.

The company was founded in 2014 and held the worldwide exclusive licenses on the DiLumen EIP technology, the flexible articulating surgical instruments, and has filed over 40 patents covering the entire platform. Lumendi developed all devices in collaboration with external partners having expertise in the field.

The devices of the DiLumen platform are disposable accessories for enhanced endoscopic interventions in the colon. DiLumen creates a Therapeutic Zone (TZ) and improves the stability of the endoscope and visualization for the removal of colonic lesions such as complex polyps. It also is used as a conduit and for dynamic retraction. DiLumen was launched in the US in May 2017 and since then has built up a proven track record in reducing the time of procedures and improving therapeutic outcomes.

DiLumen has demonstrated its advantages in performance and therapeutic benefits in thousands of patients.

The next generation of the product, DiLumen C2, provides additional working channels on the sheet and applies flexible articulating surgical instruments that expand the capabilities for complex GI interventions. It can potentially replace open surgical or laparoscopic procedures with incision-free endoluminal procedures, which represents clear advantages for patient care and cost savings.

The development of Lumendi’s innovative products is supported by leading endoscopists and GI surgeons on the company’s Clinical Advisory Board. Lumendi Ltd. is currently pursuing market expansion and is evaluating the best partners to market the products in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.

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