DDW 2016 Workshop: DiLumen

By lumendidev2 | November 14, 2016

Jeff Milson explains the new technique for endolumenal surgery during a panel alongside the Digestive Disease Week 2016 in San Diego

Summary. Lumendi staff and clinical advisory board were attending this year’s Digestive Disease Week 2016 at San Diego . DDW is an “organization of specialists focusing on digestive diseases.”
During the event we presented our minimally invasive technology to a high level expert panel.

The Digestive Disease Week is a conference held every year. This year, DDW 2016 was held in San Diego with some great highlights .

DDW is the leading event for professionals in gastroenterology, hepatology, GI endoscopy, gastrointestinal surgery and related fields.

Below is some information about the event and our presentation and workshop about our investigational device for minimally-invasive endolumenal surgery.

1.  Digestive Disease Week

We had invited several professionals in the field attending DDW 2016 from around the world such as Italy, Japan, UK and, of course, the USA to our panel discussion. We got a great response and additional insight in current practices as well as input in our future development.

GI surgeons and endoscopists discuss the minimally-invasive endoluminal medical technology alongside the Digestive Disease Week 2016 in San Diego

2.  Presentation

The above image shows Jeffrey Milsom from MINT Cornell University – the inventor of the device (to the right) and Kiyokazu Nakajima – Lumendi Medical Adviscory Board member  (way to the left) discussing the device with participants of the panel.

Lumendi Medical Advisory Board meets with research team and staff during Digestive Disease Week 2016 in San Diego

3. Wrap up

For us the DDW 2016 was a great event to meet colleagues, associates and find time to meet R&D and industry representatives as well as clinicians.

The panel we organised gave us the opportunity to talk to clinical staff as well as specialists from around the world including endoscopists.

The participants liked that the platform can give one a therapeutic zone and the ability to straighten out folds and curvature. Moreover, research suggests that stretching the lumen and using the two balloons to stabilize the scope appears feasible.
The similarity to laparoscopic surgery should make it easier to learn the new procedure once it has regulatory approval.

Notice: DiLumen is not commercially available. The information presented on this blog entry is for educational purposes only. The information or content in any text on this webpage is not intended to market or sell the DiLumen. This is an investigational device. Limited by federal (or United States) Law to investigational use.

We look forward to Digestive Disease Week 2017, May 6–9 at McCormick Place Chicago, IL.