Expansion of the Dilumen Platform

By Lumendi | July 12, 2022

DiLumen EZ¹

The DiLumen EZ¹ is a variant of the DiLumen design, specially intended for the removal of complex polyps using the EMR* technique. Thanks to its unique balloon design, the DiLumen EZ¹ enables users among other features, to stabilize the endoscope. EMR is the most commonly used method to remove complex polyps endoscopically.


DiLumen C¹

DiLumen C¹ offers an additional working channel for instruments like the Grasper to improve ESD** procedures. This allows two instruments to be used in combination with the endoscope.

This new, practical solution to fix or lift tissue with an additional instrument is something that endoscopists have long been waiting for.

DiLumen and the new devices are designed specifically to support these two procedures (EMR and ESD) and cover the whole range of polypectomies and improved polyp diagnostics. This is our own, proven, patent-protected design; and now, with the new EZ-Glide coating, our devices can tap into a much larger market potential than ever. The expanded DiLumen platform is intended to address more than 200,000 complex polyp removal procedures in the western world each year.

After the market launch with selected users in the US, we will evaluate when we seek approval in other markets.

* Endoscopic mucosal resection
** Endoscopic submucosal dissection