EZ Glide Pushes Lumendi to New Quarter-Over-Quarter Sales Record

By Lumendi | September 28, 2021

DiLumen® Product Enhancement Launched in December 2020 on Track to Double Sales from Previous Year

September 28, 2021

WESTPORT, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– EZ Glide, the most recent enhancement to Lumendi’s DiLumen Endoluminal Interventional Platform (EIP), has achieved significant quarter-over-quarter product sales since its market introduction in Q4 2020, and is on track to double the sales revenue from the prior year. Launched in December 2020, EZ Glide is helping to significantly increase the platform’s useability in GI procedures. These improvements, made in cooperation with a growing group of specially trained endoscopists and colorectal surgeons, are influencing the way complex colon polypectomies are performed around the world.

“DiLumen EZ Glide brings us closer to broader adoption of endoluminal procedures in the lower GI for complex polypectomy, where US patients are currently overtreated, and, therefore, underserved.”

Lumendi’s mission is to pioneer endosurgery by continuously improving the effectiveness of the DiLumen platform and expanding the breadth of procedures where DiLumen delivers clinical value. Over the last five years, Lumendi has continuously improved the DiLumen platform, and will introduce additional enhancements over the next 12 months.

DiLumen has been proven effective in lower GI procedures and complements EMR and ESD procedures for removal of complex polyps, as well as with patients who have undergone difficult or incomplete screening colonoscopies due to a challenging or tortuous colon.

“Performing endoluminal surgeries within the bowel is the norm, not the exception, in Southeast Asia. However, in the US, the trend has not yet taken full hold given that the availability of training, and specialty tools, has been relatively nascent,” said Dr Peter Johann, CEO of Lumendi. “DiLumen EZ Glide brings us closer to broader adoption of endoluminal procedures in the lower GI for complex polypectomy, where US patients are currently overtreated, and, therefore, underserved.”

In the United States alone, more than 20 million screening colonoscopies are performed annually. In an estimated 4 to 11 percent of cases, a large colorectal polyp (2cm or greater) will be identified, many of which are benign and can be removed endoscopically. (1) However, a disproportionate number of these patients are diverted for surgical hemi-colectomy (the removal of a portion of the colon and subsequent reconnection) despite a pronounced likelihood of benign, or non-cancerous, polyps present. Experts estimate that 20,000-30,000 similar surgeries for benign polyps are performed annually in the US. (1, 2) The effect of this trend is that patients may be overtreated and saddled with far-longer hospitalizations and recoveries compared to the single-day colon-preserving, endosurgical procedure.

According to Dr. David Diehl, Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania, “the platform now slides effortlessly over the colonoscope, making straightening of the left colon very easy. The difference in ease of use with EZ Glide is huge and has encouraged me to utilize the DiLumen platform more often for complex colonic polypectomies. “

Dr. Alexander Schlachterman, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says that “DiLumen EZ Glide provides me with effective and efficient access, which is why it is an essential ESD tool for me.”

According to Dr. Johann, “DiLumen EZ Glide is beginning to be recognized as delivering value in EMR and ESD procedures and lowering the overall cost of care for complex polypectomies. In addition, we are now creating partnerships that bring us closer to introduce faster, easier and more efficient procedures to the GI community and beyond.”

About Lumendi, LLC (LumendiHeadquartered in Westport, Connecticut, Lumendi, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumendi Ltd., a privately held innovative, medical device company based in Buckinghamshire, UK. Lumendi focuses on developing, marketing, and distributing surgical tools and devices that provide safe, cost-effective solutions for minimally invasive gastrointestinal interventions.

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