Visceral Medicine 2018 73rd Annual Meeting of the DGVS with Endoscopy Section – Booth #10

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After the German gastroenterologists last held their 47th conference in the Bavarian state capital in 1992, the congress in its current interdisciplinary form takes place for the first time in Munich: the German Society for Gastroenterology, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases with the Section for Gastroenterological Endoscopy (DGVS) its 73rd annual conference together with the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery (DGAV) and the working groups in their 12th Autumn Conference as a joint congress in the International Congress Center Munich (ICM). The DGAV celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018. The motto of the congress is ” Vision shapes reality: conflict between economy – human being – digitization “.

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