DiLumenTM Endolumenal Interventional Platform (EIP)

As a new, innovative accessory to an endoscope, DiLumen may facilitate endolumenal therapeutic procedures that otherwise require laparoscopic or open surgery of the colon.

When used as instructed, DiLumen ensures the complete positioning of an endoscope in the large intestine and assists with optical visualization, diagnosis, and endoscopic treatment. An endoscopic approach to treatment in the colon may preserve anatomy, eliminate complications associated with colectomy and reduce costs

Surgical TreatmentEndolumenal Treatment
Operating RoomOperating Room or GI Suite
Colon ResectionTypically preserves colon
Open or laparoscopic incisions No incisions
Hospital stay of 4-7 daysTypically go home same day or next day
Recovery of 4-6 weeksTypical recovery of 1-2 days
Possible stomaStoma very unlikely
Potential for complications:
• Wound infection (5%-30%)
• Anastomotic leaks (3%-24%)
Potential for Complications:
• Perforation
• Bleeding
• Infection
Cost of surgery (MS-DRG)
$10,000 with no complications
$15,000-30,000 with minor to major complications
Cost of Endolumenal Treatment (MS-DRG)
DiLumen may provide physicians with a greater opportunity to perform endolumenal interventions which may lead to more options for patients.